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Happy Birthday Sue!

Today is a special day here at Bushwacker, as our matriarch, Bushwacker Sioux City Sue, is celebrating her 17th birthday. Here she is, eating her birthday breakfast (scrambled egg, sausage, bacon, beans and some leftover macaroni from the night before - well why not!).

After which, she settled down in front of the wood stove for some Zzzzzzzzzzs, accompanied by various family members. Two are missing from the photo, the r/ws Tommy (her son) and Cherry (her granddaughter) as apparently this was a black-only gathering!

L-R, great-granddaughter Yoko, daughter Tara, grandson Donald, granddaughter Figo.

Sue is more fortunate than her mother Asha (Khufu Starkist Semjase) whose own 17th birthday fell on Christmas Day. OK, she always got a Turkey dinner every year but we sometimes forgot it was her birthday at all as there was so much else going on. Happily for Susan, 8th December is special for only one thing - her.

Visitors come and visitors go - but The Donald is forever!


Posted 401 weeks ago

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