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What a load of old blog

Having taken the plunge and created a new website after two years of prevarication, I decided (flushed with success) to beginĀ a blog as well. This blog will serve as the news area of the website as it automatically updates in both locations whenever a new post is added.

I should really have a lot of news after two years’ silence but will just say that we attempted to take photos this morning, armed with a packet of ham, a show lead and some unhelpful Basenjis. With the wrong ones getting out and then refusing to go back in, the ham stolen and squabbled over, massed hordes of virulent mosquitoes dive-bombing dog, handler and photographer, and causing untold mayhem in what of course would have been perfect show poses, we ended up with lots of photos but few of them fit for public consumption.

Phew! said Tommy afterwards. Think I’ll go for a quick swim.

Posted 581 weeks ago

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