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Cincinnati Basenji Club Specialty 2011

The Cincinnati Basenji Club Specialty 2011 was held in Hamilton, OH at the end of May in conjunction with the Warren County KC and Cincinnati KC all breeds shows. A blistering hot weekend, but very enjoyable. I was lucky enough to get some help from a very talented junior, Alex (alias “Peeps”) who took the crazy Spades off my hands and went a long way towards taming him in the ring. By the final day he was showing like a pro and even picked up RWD!

Donald and Cherry won 4 points each, Donald a 3 pt major plus a single point on the final day, and Cherry a 3 pt major under breed specialist Dan Harrison, and a single point on the final day when she pipped Donald to go BOW/BOS with their sire, Token, taking BOB. Quite the family occasion!

Posted 580 weeks ago

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