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The other family pets

“Chippy”, as he is affectionately known, was out playing on the deck again today, oblivious to the Basenjis bouncing off the windows and careering around the room. Chippy plays in the flower beds, climbing up stalks and bungee-jumping down, hopping and leaping across the deck, involved in his own games and taking no notice of the dogs as they trip and collide along the window sills in their attempts to keep pace with what he is doing.

We also have a garter snake living underneath the deck which can occasionally be seen sunbathing in hot weather. I am reliably informed that although they are (barely) venomous, they would have to be chewing someone pretty hard to poison them. Hopefully he will not notice Chippy, who has grown very fat lately.

I have finally finished my website while simultaneously watching Wimbledon and catching dogs that bounce off the windows and land in my lap. Whatever will I do now the tennis is over and the website finalised?

Oh yes, the housework.

Posted 580 weeks ago

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