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Golden Oldies

I was asked the other day if I still had the older dogs as they don’t appear on the new website. The answer is of course I do! Once the original website has been converted to pdf they will appear on it - albeit in another format.

As it has been such nice weather lately, they have all spent a lot of time sunbathing outside and so a few minutes ago I decided to take some photographs of Sue, Tara and Tommy - three of the four Basenjis that come up on the home page of the website. They are now all into double figures and retired, and enjoying the Canadian summer (at least we get one here).

Tara wanted her own photo shoot, so was first outside to pose for the camera.

And again …

Funny how she was never this cooperative when I wanted to take stacked photos of her years ago.

Amazingly, after a certain amount of waving dog biscuits, I single-handedly got all three in a row and they actually stayed there, although Tara can clearly be seen saying “On my signal, everybody run!”

L-R: Bushwacker Sioux City Sue (13), Ir. Ch. Bushwacker Sirnotar by Horsleys (10), Ir. Ch. Bushwacker Nevada Smith by Horsleys (10).

Posted 579 weeks ago

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