Bushwacker Basenjis

Application Form

If you are interested in adding a Basenji to your home, please complete the application form and click "Submit". Thank you.

Have you owned a Basenji before?

If answering "No", do you have any experience with the breed?

Do you own your own home?

If renting, does your Landlord allow pets?

Are you in regular employment?

Are you a student?

Do you have a fenced yard?

Have you ever returned a dog to the breeder?

Have you ever given a pet to a shelter?

Is there anyone at home during the day, or parts of the day?

Are you willing to crate train your puppy?

Does everyone in the family want a dog?

Are you interested in a Basenji now, or at some point in the future?

Are you interested in

Are you interested in

Are you interested in a puppy or an adult?

Do you intend to spay/neuter when the puppy is old enough?

Do you intend to start breeding?

Do you understand the difference between full, and limited, registration?

Does anyone in your household suffer from allergies?

Have you read that the Basenji is "hypoallergenic"?

If answering "Yes" above, was this a factor in your choice of breed?

Do you intend to take your puppy to an obedience class?

Would you like more information on the breed? If so, please indicate and I will forward breed-specific info to you

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